Risk Warning
Risk Warning
In the crypto world, especially DeFi, users should understand the risks of various platforms and smart contracts before entering. We strongly recommend that all users can DYOR (Do your own research), do your own investment risk assessment, and never invest beyond your risk tolerance.
Turtle King Finance's long-term security commitment will never stop. We have been and will always do our best to reduce the risks and assist the community to understand our platform, so as to establish a solid relationship of trust with all participants.
General DeFi risks
DeFi risks include permanent loss, scams, exhaustion of wallets, theft of private keys, etc. Therefore, DeFi users must be cautious in this area and learn the good habits of DeFi. It is recommended that you establish exclusive wallet addresses for different platforms to manage risks, and never give your wallet recovery phases to others. Community service volunteers, as well as team members, will never take the initiative to contact you and ask for any personal information from you.
Smart Contract Risk
Smart contracts bring innovative uses to cryptocurrencies, such as interacting with DApps. However, due to the complexity of smart contracts, there might be vulnerability in some smart contracts, which may be hacked.
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