TURK Token
TURK Token
Token Name: Turtle King Finance Token
Symbol: TURK
Total Supply: Unlimited
Token contract: 0x8C783809332be7734Fa782eB5139861721F77b33
TURK is the governance token of Turtle King Finance.Every 1KLAY earned will mint 5 TURKs, so the total amount is currently unlimited. We may establish new strategies to limit the cap or burn some tokens, however currently we are focused on the growth of the TURK token. TURK is earned through farming, 15% of TURK mints will be used for development.
There is no public sale for TURK. Only 300,000 KLAY strategic funding from institution.Price is 1 KLAY = 10 TURK and will unlock 10% every month.
At the beginning, 1 TURK be mint to create pair in KLAYswap and 2,000 TURK be mint to adjust token price, it will be destory later. Initial liquidity will adjust in accordance with actual situation.100,000 KLAY is used for project development.
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