Liquidity Pools
Liquidity Pools
Turtle King Finance is an intelligent revenue aggregator, based on the DeFi protocol that can automatically realizes the optimal revenue across various projects. It can help investors obtain the best returns in the market with just one click, thereby the entry barriers for ordinary investors is greatly reduced, while reducing the loss of income caused by information asymmetry.
Turtle King Finance will automatically allocate the assets in the Turtle King Finance pool to the highest-yield protocol among all the DeFi protocols in the Klyatn Network, after carefully auditing the smart contracts of each DeFi protocols and standardizing the rate of return. Moreover, when the rate of return in each protocol fluctuates, Turtle King Finance will automatically adjust the positions and transfer funds to a better and safer place. This series of operations are completed on the chain through smart contracts, which are completely open and transparent. The principle is illustrated as the following diagram.
There are 23 active Liquidity Pools (LP) on the Turtle King Finance platform and more are coming soon (Please refer to
Turtle King Finance smart contracts automatically compound your investments, giving you a higher APY. For these pools, as profit you will be getting the respective LP Token of the pool, as well as TURK tokens. 30% of profits will be collected and given as TURK tokens. For every 1 KLAY collected, we give 5 TURK. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.5% if withdrawn within 72 hours. Currently you can only claim your profits, if you claim & exit the pool. We may change this in the future.
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