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Switch to Klaytn(Orbitchain.io)
ORBIT BRIDGE (orbit bridge)
ETH->KETH conversion and how to use it
You must have some Ethereum in your MetaMask or other Ethereum wallet. This will be used for paying gas fee when you send your asset to Orbit Bridge. Since the fee varies depending on the network environment, make sure to have enough Ethereum to cover your gas fees.
1. Click "Select Coin".
2. Select ETH and click " OK".
3. When the Validator Groups page appears, click "OK".
4. Confirm that ETH is selected, click "Ethereum" in chain selection.
5. Click on MetaMask and click " OK ".
6. Click " OK " when the message "You have connected the MetaMask to the Orbit Bridge" appears.
7. After the approval is completed, select the chain from "TO Chain" to "Klaytn".
8. The delivery address will be displayed. Paste the Klaytn (Kaica) wallet address and click "CONVERT NOW".
9. A "Confirm Conversion" message appears. Please check the "MetaMask Wallet Address" and "Kaica Wallet Address" once again. When verification is complete, click " Confirm".
10. MetaMask text appears as soon as you click it. Click "Confirm".
11. "Transfer complete" message appears. The pending time depends on the network environment. Please wait for awhile.
12. The transfer is complete and the text “Conversion Complete” appears.
13. Transfer to Kaikas wallet. Click "Add Token".
14. Add the KETH token contract address to the custom token (you can check it on Klaytnscope).
KETH contract address : 0x34d21b1e550d73cee41151c77f3c73359527a396
15. The token that has been transferred is displayed. Click "Add".
Klaytn (KCT) contract address
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