About Turtle King Finance
About Turtle King Fiance

DeFi aggregator dedicated to creating a lightweight, open and free financial world!

DeFi is the first real application in the de-centralized world after bitcoin. We are confident that DeFi will someday emerge from crypto world and become an open financial marketplace! Members of the team from Turtle King Finance, who are always act with a can-do attitude, have been working on blockchain for a long time, and have a keen insight into the industry. We have always believed that everyone should have equal access to quality financial products and services. Turtle King Finance is committed to creating a light, open and free financial world, where everyone can participate. We are now standing at the starting point of the DeFi explosion, facing the great future of the DeFi world.
Turtle King Finance is THE FIRST Yield Aggregator in Klaytn Network, which is designed to help users earn higher profits by auto compounding, so that they don't have to manually harvest incentives every day.

Turtle King Finance brings a brand new product mechanism and experience into KLAYswap DeFi market

Simple, fast and smooth product experience

The operation is as simple as "point-and-click ", which lowers the user threshold and allows users to smoothly complete the whole process. At the same time, Turtle King Finance has also adopted various solutions to solve the network congestion problems that affect the user experience.

Localize product design to suit domestic and foreign users

DeFi is an open financial system with no borders, in which users from all over the world can participate. In order to provide the best product experience for users from different locations, Turtle King Finance has been customized according to the local users’ culture and habit. It enables Turtle King Finance to outperform its rivals in product experience, and attract users and funds from all over the world.

Innovative gameplay to increase revenue while increasing user stickiness

Turtle King Finance took the first step in launching a mining reward mechanism on the KLAYswap chain, which is similar to BUNNY on Binace Smart Chain. It maximizes users’ revenue and extends the reward cycle, which encouraging users to participate in enthusiasm and fostering user loyalty.

A full range of products to create a boutique project on the KLAYswap chain

A DeFi product is a container of funds, and the size of funds largely determines the value of an application. It is important to be able to meet the different needs of funds, for keeping more funds in the DiFi container. Therefore, Turtle King Finance has created a one-stop DeFi product to meet all financial needs of funds.
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